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TAFs is Now at Comic Con! Last Stand Exclusive!

TheArnoldFans is working the con! In addition to getting to see Arnold during his Expendables 2 panel, we're interviewing actors, toy manufacturers, and best of all, mingling with the fellow Schwarzenegger fans! Stick around for some big news!

For now, here's a nice little exclusive for you! Arnold's good friend and star of Last Stand, Dieter Rauter, tells TAFs what his character name is! Dieter, eating a box of Kellog's Pops, tells me his character’s name in Last Stand is “Nameless”. It literally says “Nameless” as his name on the call sheet. A great nickname. Check out Dieter on the poster below on the far right!

TAFs has been picking up comic con exclusive movie promos left and right for Schwarzenegger's upcoming films and autobiography! We can't wait to get home and show you this Austrian-sized bag of swag!



TAFs at The Expendables 2 Comic Con Panel! 

We just emerged from a packed full Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con, where we and some 6,000 fans just witnessed "male pattern BADness" as Sly coined the term! Arnold, Sly, Terry Crews, and Dolph Lundgren gave fans some entertaining jabs at each other, nostalgia for the good ol' days, hints of the future, and cool new footage from EX2! What more could you want? We even got to ask Arnold a question about King Conan!!

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TAFs Premieres "Arnold Rocks" with New Predator Trailer!

Our staff just got ballsier with the new addition of our long-time friend turned team-mate, Charlie Oxley! TheArnoldFans will be giving you all new rock videos every two to three weeks which will capture the glory of our hero, promote his films or make us take action. For our first video, with the pumped-up tunes of Electric Six, we are invited to bang our heads while asking FOX to listen to our demands. Today's mission: to get FOX to bring back The Predator in theaters for at least one epic night. Watch the video and you'll know what to do. Come on, do it! Do it now!

Charlie: Thank you so much for taking me on at - I've been coming to the site for almost 15 years now(!?) and have always loved talking with other fans about Arnold. There was a tough time for Arnold fans whilst he was governating but now he is BACK and I get to contribute to the greatest fan site on the net! I love it!

I'm getting ready for Arnold's triumphant return to the big screen by doing The EX2 movie Challenge; What you've gotta do is watch an action flick from each of the action icons in the film. I started with the Chuck Norris flick 'The Delta Force' last night and I'm gonna work my way through all the icons by the time August 17th comes around and I wanna know - Who is with me?! Join me at the Facebook page and post your video reviews on YouTube. Arnold and the icons of 80's action are coming BACK! Let's make it BIG!


All New Launches!

It's been dormant a long time, but it appears TheArnoldFans now has real "competition" in the world of Arnold websites again! has relaunched with an all new look and cool features to keep us abreast of Arnold's projects, and for Arnold to communicate directly with his fans! We've been given a sneak peek, so here's what you can expect!

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Schwarzenegger Starts Filming THE TOMB Today!

The Tomb, which has already begun production, has at last officially welcomed Arnold Schwarzenegger to the set today! That's right, May 6th is The Austrian Oak's start date so expect to see some tweets and facebook announcements from Arnold soon! Our favorite action hero has already been to the set weeks ago to meet with Sly, 50 Cent and key members within the production crew. He tweeted this image below of himself with 50 Cent. Notice The Tomb logo on the director's chair in the background

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TAFs Interviews Gerry Lopez: Part 1 with Subotai!

Even though I get the fortunate opportunity to interview many of Arnold's directors and co-stars, I'm always extra giddy to speak with the cast of Conan the Barbarian, my favorite Arnold film. Recently I was able to speak with one of the key players, Gerry Lopez, who plays "food for wolves" a.k.a. Subotai! 

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Arnold Gives Us Movie Exclusive During the Classic!

Friday, March 2, 2012 TheArnoldFans, having just had "Breakfast with Arnold" Friday morning in Columbus, Ohio, was able to get a real big exclusive out of the returning on-screen action hero. I asked the Austrian Oak how he enjoyed being back on movie sets and to tell us about his next projects. Before today's breakfast, all of his fans were confused about Arnold signing on with Stallone and Jim Caviezel in The Tomb when we all thought he had an April 1st start date of Black Sands. Which film comes first? We had this question answered by Arnold himself! We have the exclusive, so listen up!

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Exclusive Interview with The Last Stand's Ky Furneaux!

We've got another "Last Stand" EXCLUSIVE for you! TheArnoldFans spoke with Ky Furneaux, stunt woman for the movie's lead actress, Jamie Alexander. When we last heard from Jamie, we were informed that Schwarzenegger received eight stitches on his forehead. Arnold later confirmed it was seven stitches a few days after he tweeted "Got a little banged up on set today."

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"Governator" Exclusive: TAFs Interviews Andy Heyward!

Andy Heyward, a co-founder and CEO of A2Entertainment, gave TheArnoldFans a lengthly exclusive interview today about their upcoming animated series The Governator! A2 will produce the TV series and 3-D movie and manage the global licensing, merchandising, and distribution. Read on about the latest news including the fantastic news that "The Governator" WILL officially be in theaters for a 3D animated motion picture!

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TAFs Exclusive Interview with Legendary Stan Lee!

What do you get when you cross Stan Lee's "Excelsior" with Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Terminator"? You get the ultimate mash-up of "The Governator," the all-new action-packed animated cartoon series. Although this pumped-up Arnold-voiced series won't air until late 2012, I've managed to get the co-creator of the series, Stan Lee, to give TheArnoldFans several exclusive comments.

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