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Get Your Movie-Accurate TurboMan Doll Now: 90 Left!

As many of you know, TurboMan is the hottest selling action figure! This is not just true in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Jingle All the Way, the heroic action figure is also extremely valuable on eBay as a mint Turboman in the box averages at 250.00-280.00 during the holiday season! That price is for the lame Walmart exclusive Turboman, which doesn’t look nearly as good as the movie version and is a lot smaller. Well, here comes the big surprise: act NOW and you can get a BIGGER, movie-authentic-looking version of the cult classic Turboman for $100.00 LESS than eBay prices! 
Act fast because there are only 90 TurboMans left!  Pre-orders will be closed at the end of this month on June 9th, 2017. If the remaining 90 TurboMan dolls do not get sold, this product will NOT go into production but we feel confident these will sell quickly as we know how beloved TurboMan is, not to mention we imagine the resale of this product could possibly double or triple if sold this holiday season! There were once thousands of 12-inch TurboMan dolls made and sold at Walmart that now sell for 250.00 on ebay. Imagine what a movie-accurate version with only a 100 figure production run would sell for!! You might even want to pick up an extra doll (one to keep and one to sell at Christmas time). TurboMan will be shipped in August or September.
Jingle All The Way’s film director Brian Levant gave this toy’s production team the original screen-used TurboMan prop from the film so it could be 3D-scanned and reproduced to be a movie-authentic version for fans of this film. They assure that this figure will be much more screen-accurate like the one that led to Sinbad and Schwarzenegger on a massive holiday toy hunt.

These figures will be even better than the one from the movie, however, because this 13-and-a-half inch figure will now be fully posable whereas the figure seen in the movie was stationary. Each TurboMan doll will come in movie-accurate packaging, will have gold chrome paint and will have 9 points of articulation. You’ll really be kicking yourself at Christmas time if you’re one of the sad people who let this priceless and extremely rare collectible slip away. Don’t pay insanely high scalper prices later, buy it now for just 150.00 (that’s 100.00 less than the horrible Walmart exclusive version from 1996)!


If all 100 get sold, the toy maker will also later be reproducing movie-accurate figures of the other characters of Dementor, Booster and more (all scanned from the actual film props) for the fans!


To place your order go to the TurboMan Fan Club website HERE or email your name and address to Ordering is limited and offered exclusively only to fan club members.


**Note: The TurboMan box says the toy is 14 inches tall but it is really 13.5 inches (the exact size of the figure from the film). The box in the film is shown as 14 inches tall so these box graphics and toy match the film. 

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