Skydance Extends Terminator Rights With Cameron On-board!
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 04:17PM
Ryan Gillen in TAFs Staff, Terminator

Here's some FANTASTIC Terminator news as we are all awaiting the release this month of T2 back in theaters! Deadline reports that Skydance Entertainment, who currently own the Terminator rights, has decided to extend their relationship with Paramount Pictures for 4 years, and this will allow them to once again re-launch the Terminator franchise. More importantly, they have formally announced the involvement of James Cameron along with Deadpool director Tim Miller. We've been reporting this as Cameron and Arnold have discussed their involvement in the next Terminator films, but it's great to have all the studio agreements worked out so we know it's happening! Fans generally loved Terminator Genisys, but it had its share of problems and suffered in the US from bad word of mouth and critics who panned it. With Cameron back, let's hope we can have a movie that is univerally loved as much as the first two.

If you can't wait to hear more from Terminator's original creator about his inolvement in the new films or the new 3D remaster of T2, you have your chance tomorrow (Aug. 10) as James Cameron is showing up for a Facebook Live Q&A at 12:45pm ET/3:45pm PT on the official Terminator 2 Facebook page! Look for the post there and use #T2in3D to hashtag your questions.

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