Arnold's Commencement Speech & Other Houston Adventures!
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 03:39PM
Ryan Gillen

This past weekend was a busy time for Arnold as he made his way through Houston by foot, SUVs and a bicycle. First Schwarzenegger gave an eye-opening commencement speech to the 2017 graduates of the University of Houston. The Austrian Oak even turned down the money which the University of Houston had agreed to pay him for his commencement speech.

The overall message of the commencement reminded the new grads to not only remember those who helped them along the way, but to remember to help others as they set out into the open future. Schwarzenegger’s motto is to always give back to the community. Watch the full commencement ceremony below.

Schwarzenegger also had lunch with one of his favorite presidents. Arnold had lunch with former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush.
"Had lunch with two of the greatest Americans," the former California Governor tweeted along with a photo of the trio. "President Bush & Barbara have helped me, mentored me and inspired me to enter public service," He tweeted. “It was fitting — because my message to the graduates at University of Houston was that I'm not a self-made man - I had a lot of help."

Arnold also attended JJ Watts charity event at Minute Maid Park on Saturday.  Just like Schwarzenegger, JJ Watts charity is to give back to children in after school programs. 
"Arnold is the best," Watt said Monday during the Texans' annual charity golf tournament. "It's really special. I'm very fortunate to have The Terminator coming to town. He's not throwing out the first pitch. He's a body builder, not a pitcher, so I think there will be some sort of hand-off."

With all this activity, Arnold was craving some good ol' southern cooking so he went to Killen’s Texas Barbecue, known to have the best bbq in Houston. In Killen’s, they have a wall of autographs and signatures. Schwarzenegger signed his name on the wall so If you are in the Houston area or if you’re in town, check it out!

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