Knock-Knock: Socks, Shirts and Predator Masks by Fright Rags!
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 02:37AM
Ryan Gillen

Three years ago, Fright-Rags came out with a limited edition Terminator package that contained a light-up Endoskeleton mask and cool exclusive t-shirt design. Well, good news because Fright-Rags is BACK with the latest movie merchandise from a Schwarzenegger film! Knock-Knock, they’ve got socks; Socks and other cool Predator collectibles!  


To add to your Arnold Collection, Fright-Rags are offering two different Limited Edition Mask/T-Shirt combinations as well as a variety of T-Shirts, different socks and even hoodies! The retro style box and mask is inspired by the old Ben Cooper costumes that some of you may remember from your childhood if you grew up in the late ‘70s.


Fright-Rags is taking pre-orders now with merchandise available mid June. The socks will be available mid April. With both of the Mask & T-Shirt Combinations on Pre-Order, these are very limited and will not last. These are the perfect gift for a ultimate Predator and Arnold Schwarzenegger Fan! So what are you waiting for? Pre-order now HERE and place your orders NOW! 


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