Get 10% Off the all New Terminator Schwarzenegger Statue with Base!
Monday, April 24, 2017 at 03:17PM
Ryan Gillen in TAFs Staff, Terminator Genisys, collectibles
Great news for collectors and the majority of fans who loved Terminator Genisys; Silver Fox Collectibles is producing many new collectible statues from this film and can get you 10% off your orders! Silver Fox Collectibles is excited to announce a full collection of 1/10 scale Terminator Genisys statues including figures and vehicles from the global 440.00 million hit film! This first 1/10 scale statue portrays Sarah Connor’s Guardian from the new timeline in the Terminator Genisys movie.

This T-800 Guardian is set on the Time Displacement Unit and comes with two interchangeable heads. The first head is clean and undamaged and the second one is battle damaged and exposing the Endoskeleton underneath his flesh. But act fast because these statues will be limited and will be individually numbered so the sooner you pre-order one, the lower number it will be. As many of you collectors know, quite often the lowest numbers (example 1-50) are the most valuable when you decide to resell them in the future. So get one now by emailing and use our code TG800EARLK to get that 10% discount! Tell him TheArnoldFans sent you!

The T-800 Guardian is the first in a series of 1/10 scale collectibles. Each statue will be made of high quality polystone resin and will come on a base and resemble the likenesses of the key characters from the movie. The T-3000 and T-800 Endoskeleton are coming up next and then; John Connor, T-800 Guardian (Aged Version), T-1000 and then finally, a badass 1/10 Scale Diorama with the T-800 fighting the T-3000 on a complete Time Displacement Unit!

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