“Eggcited” to Reveal Our Exclusive TheArnoldFans “Swear-zen-Egger” Poster!
Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 12:04PM
Ryan Gillen in Randy Jennings
Movie fans can now celebrate our favorite potty-mouthed action hero with the release of this official TheArnoldFans.com exclusive poster: Swear-Zen-Egger! These little Egg Fighters might look cute but their powerful words are no yoking matter! Sometimes Schwarzenegger‘s raunchy words or hilarious insults of profanity are the most memorable lines of our favorite films.  Who can ever forget The Terminator’s “F**k you, A**hole” or Predator’s “You’re One Ugly Mother-f**ker”? Now you can get this poster with Arnold’s most raunchy movie quotes! *Image shows little egg spats covering up the bad words but your actual printed poster will not have the words covered up. No one censors Arnold, right!

Best of all, you don’t even need to keep these eggs refrigerated, although Mr. Freeze would disagree. These posters would be great for your kitchen, office or gym!  Can you name all the Egg Fighters shown here? If so, please comment below. One person picked at random who lists all the correct characters or the correct movies, will get a mystery prize from TheArnoldFans. Winner will be picked on April 5th.

In addition to the poster, the first 40 orders will get a FREE  light-up Terminator Genisys IMAX collector pin!
Posters, professionally printed on heavy stock 11x17 paper, are only 12.00 plus shipping!  Shipping in the U.S. is only 3.00 but 13.00 internationally. Click HERE to place your order with Randy Jennings, the artist and President of TheArnoldFans fanclub. Please let Randy know how many you’d like of each poster, if you’d like them autographed or not (no charge) and your address so he can confirm your PAYPAL total.

These OTHER posters shown below are also still available in limited quantities for just 10.00 each and will also come with the free Terminator pin!

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